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Traffic Sounds

City traffic, cars and horns. Found from Freesound

Silence for the Devil

Experimenting with the tutorial on “How to Remove Vocals from Songs with Audacity” Import a track, then use Spit Stereo Track to Mono. In one track, use Effects-> Invert. It’s not perfect, but dropped in a project as a… Continue Reading →

Harping on the Blues

Inhale, three puffs, exhale

Won’t Feel Guilty

No guilt for not doing wordpress?

Measuring and Cutting

Recorded outside Open Learning building at TRU

Need help with WordPress?

from The You Show by Alan and Teshu

Talking and Typing

Some people in a computer lab trying to get their blog working.

Tick Tock

Ticking clock

10,000 Channels and Nothing On

Not much on TV, well there is a lot, but not much. Recorded in my apartment.

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