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W.E._aa – ⠏⠗⠑⠞⠢⠙

shared by Synonyma

Angelic sounds for the extinction of meaning.

Look What Happened to Tina by Viv Rolfe

Ain’t Nobody’s Business if I do

Silence for the Devil

shared by Anonymous

Experimenting with the tutorial on “How to Remove Vocals from Songs with Audacity” Import a track, then use Spit Stereo Track to Mono. In one track, use Effects-> Invert. It’s not perfect, but dropped in a project as a… Continue Reading →

Harping on the Blues

shared by CogDog

Inhale, three puffs, exhale


shared by Vivien Rolfe

More than noise by @dkernohan. Plus a dog bark.

Banjo Occupy

shared by CogDog

Some activity at the Toronto Occupy action, 2012

Not an Eagle

shared by CogDog

My friend Don playing a little guitar solo

Cowboy Glimmer

shared by CogDog

A hip upbeat sound for those in cowboy gear

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